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Direchasm Warbands Rivals Review

We previously wrote up a Rivals review for all of the Beastgrave Warbands ( click here ). In this post, we cover all of the Direchasm Warbands. We're building this document to provide some insight into each of the warbands that have a legal Rivals deck. Given how easy it is for a new player to jump into Underworlds with the Rivals format, we want to give the community a resource for helping new players pick a Warband and jump into the game! Podcast: Direchasm Warbands Storm of Celestus Drepur's Wraithcreepers Myari's Purifiers Dread Pageant Khagra's Ravagers Starblood Stalkers Crimson Court Hedkrakka's Madmob Kainan's Reapers Elathain's Soulraid Storm of Celestus Storm of Celestus is a four fighter Stormcast Warband with three Castigators and one Gryph-hound. Unlike most other animals we've seen so far, Sleek can actually hold objectives. Celestus, Aphus, and Melli

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Beastgrave Warbands Rivals Review