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Are the Exiled Dead your Appalling End?

 In this post, we break from our standard Rivals and Rivals+ focused content to address the Force Dynamic-powered elephant in the room, the Exiled Dead. Love them or hate them, this warband is creating some strong reactions across the community. We wanted to address the issue as quickly as we could, but with some actual experience and not only theory-crafting. Jerod has been playing the warband a fair amount lately and Jason has been playing against them (vs. Jerod and vs. other opponents). Once we get into the meat, we'll break down the key strengths of the warband and offer our tips and tricks for dealing with them. If you want the podcast version of this content, you can find it here: What Makes the Exiled Dead so Meta-Defining? There are several factors that go into making the Exiled Dead a gatekeeper warband at minimum, but likely a meta-defining warband. Stagger + Overload First, th

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