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Gnarlwood Rivals Review 1: Gnarlspirit Pack, Sons of Velmorn, Daring Delvers, Tooth & Claw

  Other Rivals reviews available in previous articles! In this blog, we give our Rivals review of the Gnarlwood season box: both Warbands and both decks. Decks are available here (jumps to . Podcast: Gnarlwood Rivals Decks Gnarlspirit Pack Sons of Velmorn Daring Delvers Tooth & Claw Gnarlspirit Pack The Gnarlspirit Pack is a 4-fighter Warband that feels like Godsworn Hunt 2.0. Each fighter has The Struggle as a special rule and the all share the same inspire condition: it is the inspire step after you removed a Spirit counter from this card. The Struggle says, at the start of this fighter's activation, you can give this fighter one Spirit counter or remove this fighter's Spirit counters. Each of the fighters has a special Overcome state while they have one or more Spirit counters. When Inspired, all of the fighters have

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