Should You Paint with Magnifying Lenses?

We have no strong opinions on this, but we wanted to write this blog based on a thread in the What the Hex?! (Mortal Realms) Discord. In it, Val (from Straight Outta Shadespire) posted a picture of his Itchitt, featuring the greatest freehand Skaven symbol (yes-yes).


 You can see more of Val's work here (find him in Discord for the rest!): 



At any rate, one of Val's recommendations was to start using magnifying goggles/glasses when painting (along with a 000 Artist Opus brush) for fine detail work. This comment spawned what might be the most amazing assemblage of visages in the Underworlds hobby:

#travisaur. Mike S. | #sleeksbowl
Michael F. | #fishmode
Jake | #aranan
Brian | #homicidal_llamabrian

Conclusion: How could you not?

The conclusion seems obvious to me. Invest in magnifying goggles if you want to improve your painting skills AND look amazing.

In all seriousness, Val recommends the Carson MagniVisor Delux. He started wearing magnification goggles after painting for only a few months due to irritation and headaches caused by eyestrain. After trying several sets, he settled on the Carson because it did not sit on his nose (like normal glasses), increasing his comfort while letting him see the model's fine details and paint intricate freehand symbols and scripting like those featured above.

A big thank you to the gentlemen above for permission to use their likenesses and to Val for having a quick chat with me about his experience!

As a point of order, I just ordered those goggles for myself! -Jerod