Nethermaze Rivals Review 3: Hexbane's Hunters

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In this blog, we give our Rivals review of the third Nethermaze Warband: Hexbane's Hunters. You can review the deck here (jumps to Underworlds DB): .


Hexbane's Hunters

This is a 6-fighter warband with 4 (witch) hunters and 2 companions (doggos!). Haskel Hexbane is Move 4, 1 Block, and 3 Wounds. His Blackpowder pistols are Range 3, 3 Fury, 1 Damage with Grievous and he inspires when his Attack action takes an enemy fighter out of action. He also has the Price of Victory reaction (which is shared by the other 3 hunters in the warband). Reaction: Use this after a friendly hunter is dealt damage that would take them out of action, after the out of action check. Give this fighter one upgrade from your hand, or remove one Charge or one Move token from this fighter. Do not spend any glory points when you play that card. When inspired, Hexbane's pistols go to flat 2 damage (losing Grievous) and he gains a Range 1, 2 Smash, 2 Damage attack.

Aemos Duncarrow is the next fighter and he is also a brawler. Like Hexbane, he is Move 3 1 Block, 3 Wounds. His Greataxe is Range 1, 2 Smash, 2 Damage. He inspires when an enemy fighter's Attack action targets a friendly Haskel Hexbane. He also has the Reassuring Presence ability: If this fighter is within 2 hexes of another friendly hunter, and that hunter is the target of an Attack action, this fighter is a supporting fighter.

Quiet Pock is Move 3, 2 Block, 2 Wounds and has 2 attack actions. His Crossbow Launcher is Range 3, 2 Smash, 2 Damage with Knockback 1 and Reload (This fighter can only make this Attack action once per phase). His Crossbow Stock is Range 1, 2 Fury, 1 Damage. Pock inspires when a friendly Ratspike and/or a friendly Grotbiter is out of action. Inspired, his Crossbow Launcher goes to 3 Smash and gains Knockback 2.

Brydget Axwold is Move 3, 1 Dodge, 2 Wounds and also has 2 attack actions. Her Dual Axes are Range 1, 3 Fury, 2 Damage and her Volley Pistol is Range 3, 2 Smash, 1 Damage with the Volly Reaction: The first time this Attack action is made each round, if the target is adjacent to this fighter, pick one: +1 Dice or +2 Damage to this Attack action.

Grotbiter and Ratspike are both Companions for Quiet Pock. They are both Move 4, 1 Dodge, 2 Wounds and have a Range 1, 2 Fury, Range 1. Each of these bestest bois inspires when the other one is taken out of action (or Pock is out of action) and has the Loyal Hound reaction: Use this after a friendly hunter's Move action. This fighter makes one Move action. When inspired, their attack action goes to 3 Fury. Neither dog can be a hunter and the first dog to be taken out of action has no bounty.

Key Cards

  • Objectives:
    • Due Process (Surge, Hybrid: Score this immediately after: Your warband makes a fourth or subsequent Attack action in the same round OR: After the second or subsequent successful Attack action made by your warband in the same round. The hybrid condition makes this much more palatable).
    • Burn Them Out (if there are 2 Wound fighters) OR Weapons of Justice (if facing an elite warband)
    • Uncover the Truth (Score this in an end phase if there are two or more friendly fighters in enemy territory. Easiest to score early in the game).
  • Gambits:
    • By Order of the Vault (Choose a friendly fighter. Give the chosen fighter an upgrade from your hand. Do not spend any glory points when you play that card. When you play this card you can spend one glory point. If you do, draw one power card. Playing an upgrade without any glory early is amazing!)
    • For the Order (Reaction: Play this in your power step after a friendly hunter is given an upgrade. Remove all Move and Charge tokens from that hunter. Removing Move and Charge tokens gives you excellent action economy!).
    • You Stand Accused! (Choose one enemy fighter. +1 Dice to Attack actions made by friendly fighters that target the chosen fighter. This effect persists until the chosen fighter is out of action or ends an activation in your territory. All of your fighters getting an extra dice is tough to beat.)
  • Upgrades:
    • Charmed Horseshoe (+1 Dice to this fighter's Attack actions. This fighter's Attack actions have Ensnare. The lack of Range restriction makes this really good.)
    • Lucky Hexbeak Foot (+1 Defence This fighter cannot be dealt damage by lethal hexes or gambits. Is this the best +1 Defence card in the game? We think so!)
    • Protective Brand (You can re-roll one dice in this fighter's defence rolls. The target of this fighter's Attack actions cannot have supporting fighters. Attackers that target this fighter cannot have supporting fighters. This card cannot be broken. Another great defensive upgrade!)


You likely want a board with starting hexes in the center, maximizing the support that Aemos grants and baiting with one of the dogs near no-man's land. Example: Menhirs of Binding

Play Style

Glass cannon. They are able to hit hard but will die quickly if you're not careful. Part of your game plan revolves around some of your fighters dying.

Playing Against This?

Think about the order you want to take them down. Brydget and Aemos should be the first, followed closely by Pock. Haskel can be saved for last to avoid inspiring Aemos. Know that saving the dogs means they'll be harder to take out AND the first one doesn't grant a bounty.

New Player Rating

Bronze for a brand new Underworlds player. The various Inspire conditions, low Wound count, and 4 surges mean you'll likely lose a lot of games. BUT, this is an excellent warband to challenge yourself with. They have the tools to win.


We really like Vainglorious Raiders as the Objectives are better than those in Essentials, the Gambits are just as good, and the upgrades provide some opportunities for Hexbane himself to take fighters out and inspire. The Essentials Pack still provides those critical damage upgrades (Great Strength, Fighter's Ferocity, and Gloryseeker) AND it has Pure Carnage, which fits in well with the Hexbane's Hunters playstyle.

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