Wyrdhollow Review 2: Headsmen's Curse and Voidcursed Thralls

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In this blog, we give our review of the Headsmen's Curse warband and Voidcursed Thralls rivals deck, highlighting those cards you want to see early in the game and giving a basic run-down of strategy and rating.

Decks are available here: https://www.underworldsdb.com/rivals.php

Podcast: https://podcast.battle-mallet.com/e/episode-51-hex-ed-headsmen-s-curse-voidcursed-thralls/

Wyrdhollow Rivals Decks

Headsmen's Curse

This is a 4 fighter Nighthaunt warband, similar (in appearance only) to Lady Harrow's Mournflight or Drepur's Wraithcreepers. But they provide an interesting mix of characteristics and abilities that will make them play like no other Warband and they come with their own plot card outlining ways to gain new Condemned counters.

Your Warband inspires when you have 3 or more of these Condemned counters. Of note is that if you can manage to place a Condemn counter on a Large enemy fighter, then take that fighter out of action with a supported attack, then you will get 3 Condemn counters in one fell swoop (of your Headsman's blade)

Wielder of the Blade

A fearsome leader, with a respectable 5 Wounds and 2 Dodge. His 2 Smash 3 Damage attack is nothing to sneeze at, but the Bladebound ability is the icing on the cake. If the Wielder takes a target out of action, he can bring one of his own fighters back!

Bearer of the Block

This Chainrasp is lugging around the Beheader's Block, ready to smash anyone who gets to close. Speaking of getting close, don't. The Bearer grants Cleave to supported Range 1 and 2 attack actions and adjacent enemy fighters cannot be on Guard (RIP Glissette). Oh, and the Bearer goes to 3 Damage and 2 Dodge when inspired. Spicy.

Scriptor of the Sentence

This Chainrasp doesn't need a weapon. Its words do damage enough, in the form of a Range 3, 2 Smash 1 Damage attack. The Condemn ability means it can apply a Condemned counter even if the attack DOESN'T SUCCEED! Vicious Mockery indeed! Even worse, you get Staggered when it's inspired.

Sharpener of the Blade

The Sharpener, with a 2 Fury, 1 Damage attack and 2 Wounds is reminiscent of the Briar Queen's Chainrasps. However, the Whet the Blade Action puts it head and shoulders above them. For the low price of 1 Action, you can pump the Weilder or the Sharpener's attack. Not always the best choice, but there may be times when it makes sense

Key Cards

  • Objectives:

    • Gather a Crowd - You're way more likely to have 3 fighters alive early in the game!
    • Judge, Lest Ye Be Judged - Easy to score, and you'll likely be getting all of your fighters into position in the first round.

    • Quick to Judge - Your leader is likely to be alive Round 1 AND it's relatively easy to pass out Condemned counters.

  • Gambits (we picked 4!):

    • Damning Scream - Stagger and Condemned in one Gambit. Auto-include.

    • Helping Hands - Free supports, great for the added accuracy AND potential for a Condemned counter!

    • You Must Serve - A resurrection card for Nighthaunt?! We really appreciate the fact that if you bring back a fighter to having all 4, your returned fighter is vulnerable. Helps to balance the mechanic to a degree.

    • Scapegoat - Jason's favorite! There are so many uses here. Getting 2 Glory, getting the Condemned counter, breaking your opponent's upgrades!

  • Upgrades (We couldn't pick just 3, sorry!):

    • Enduring Executor - Great for everyone but the Bearer, really

    • Guided Blows - Extra accuracy in an aggro warband is always welcome

    • Heavy Duty - Good thing this is only for the Chainrasps!


MId-field deployment so you can keep your fighters safe and control the engagement

Play Style

Reactive Aggro. Let them come to you and then punish them for doing so.

Playing Against This?

Kill the Scriptor early if you can. Otherwise, go for the Sharpener for the easy glory. Try not to get stuck in too bad.

New Player Rating

Gold- : 4 fighters and a cohesive deck make this an easy Warband to pick up, managing the Condemned counters is going to be interesting


We like Tooth & Claw and Terrible Toxins. We're still wrapping our heads around Voidcursed Thralls, but it feels like there should be something there.

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Voidcursed Thralls

Plot Card

Spreading a curse that limits what cursed fighters can do is an interesting twist we haven't really seen before.

Key Cards

  • Objectives:

    • Surrendered Will - Spread the Curse!

    • Unceasing Imperatives - Easier to score early before too many fighters are Voidcursed.

    • Undwitting Guardians - Pairs nicely with Unceasing Imperatives.

  • Gambits:

    • Reshaping Burst/Reshaping Snare - two cards that let you easily spread the Voidcurse, hopefully to enemy fighters
    • Voidcursed Assault - Attacks in the Power Step that also hand out the Voidcurse?! Amazing!

    • Zealot Imperative - Bonus accuracy for an aggro warband that sticks around until you have a successful attack is awesome.

  • Upgrades (4 this time):

    • Refashioned Reactions - The ability to move as a reaction is really strong. As an upgrade, it's telegraphed and your opponent can stop it, which prevents it from being too powerful.

    • Surging Power - Either Crit Grievous 1 or simply make a fighter Voidcursed

    • Singular Reshaping - Giving your upgrade to an enemy fighter?! CRAZY!

    • Unnatural Resilience - Damage reduction is great (even better than +1 Wounds in some cases)!


Whatever you'd pick for your chosen warband.

Play Style

(Tag)gro. Get in, do some damage and spread the Voidcurse along the way.

What Warband Should I Choose?

We're really torn as to whether you should run elite and keep your Voidcursed fighters alive or go horde and try to get as many fighters Voidcursed as possible. We're curious about play with Grinkrak, Sons of Velmorn, and the new Sepulchral Guard.

New Player Rating

Silver. This is a cohesive deck, but not straightforward to play.

Nemesis Rating

Sliver? We think it's good, but you'll always be balancing your own Warband's mechanics with the Voidcurse.

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