Wyrdhollow Review 3: Skabbik's Plaguepack and Paths of Prophecy

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In this blog, we give our review of Skabbik's Plaguepack and the Paths of Prophecy rivals deck, highlighting those cards you want to see early in the game and giving a basic run-down of strategy and rating.

Decks are available here: https://www.underworldsdb.com/rivals.php

Podcast: https://podcast.battle-mallet.com/e/episode-52-rivals-review-skabbik-s-plaguepack-paths-of-prophecy/

Wyrdhollow Rivals Decks

Skabbik's Plaguepack

This is a 6 fighter Skaven warband, including the bestest little rat. You've got your classic leader, a damage dealer, a priest (with a really cool Action), and two "danglebros." Skabbik's Plaguepack includes its own plot card, which outlines how the warband corrupts territories (in order to inspire and score glory): 

  • Two or more friendly fighters are in that territory. 
  • One or more friendly befoulers are on an objective in that territory.

Your Warband inspires when 2 or more territories are Corrupted by your Warband. Befouler is a new ability (on 3 of your fighters) where, at the start of each round, stagger each enemy fighter adjacent to this fighter. Also of note is that all of your fighters except Skabbik are minions. And unlike the other Skaven in Underworlds, these fighters are all Move 4 (respectable, but not blindingly fast), but many of them have Range 2 attacks, giving them a similar threat range.

Skabbik Plagueseeker

A fairly standard leader, Skabbik will be able to do some damage to the enemy and is a Priest and Befouler, which opens up gambits and helps corrupt territories.

Rabidius Skench

If we had to guess, Rabidius is akin to Skabbik's bodyguard or enforcer. Dealing an impressive 3 Damage at Range 2 means you'll want this rat alive long enough to do some damage to your opponents. His inspired side sees him get much more accurate with a truly threatening Scything attack.


Itchitt appears to be a priest in training (more on that later) but not the most accurate fighter. His claim to fame, though, is the Book of Woe Action: Roll one magic dice for each enemy fighter in the same territory as this fighter. On a roll of [Focus], deal 1 damage to that fighter (the roll changes to a [Channel] when he's inspired!). A great way to threaten a territory, even if it doesn't always go off as planned. Oh, and he's also a Befouler (great for Corrupting your own territory)!

Poxlix and Rikkit

The two weakest (non-pet) fighters in the Warband, Poxlix and Rikkit will likely serve as bait or opportunistic attackers for your games. What is cool is that when they inspire, they both go to 3 Wounds (instead of 2), making them a bit more resilient. Of the two, we think Rikkit or more easily thrown away since Poxlix is more accurate.


Skritter appears to be a more active Spinefin. The bestest rat does not give up glory when he's taken out of action and actually doesn't count as being taken out of action for the purposes of Objectives. Critically, Skritter is also a Befouler and, at Move 5, has a good chance of getting into a territory or on an Objective to Corrupt that territory.

Key Cards

  • Objectives:

    • Corrupting the Land - Fairly easy to score, much easier early when you have more fighters!
    • Rapid Harbingers - Excellent Surge, again much easier early when you have more fighters alive.

    • Scuttling Horde - Score this after 3 activations (or 2 and a Power Step!). Again, it's easier when you have more fighters alive!

  • Gambits:

    • Move-move! - Free Move action? Thank you very much!

    • Overpowering Odours - Guaranteeing an attack early is super nice. Much clearer and less "feels bad" than previous iterations of cards like this.

    • Vile Blood - It is very likely that you will lose fighters. Getting this card out early is critical as it lets you neuter a key fighter in your opponent's Warband.

  • Upgrades:

    • Pox-Ridden Lucidity - Limited application, but the earlier you draw this, the more opportunities you'll get to use it.

    • Rotted Flesh - Damage reduction (even if limited) is always good. The future-proofing on the Large restriction is nice.

    • Screaming Lunatic - We love extra damage!


As flexible a deployment as you can get with 6 fighters. You need opportunities to protect fighters (Itchitt) and get fighters in no-one's or enemy's territory. You probably want to avoid lethal hexes on your board.

Play Style

Flex - Spread/Aggro

Playing Against This?

Take out the Befoulers to prevent Corruption/inspire.

New Player Rating

Silver: The deck is cohesive, but there are a lot of fighters and conditions to manage.


Voidcursed for the Defense and ignoring Drive Back. Fearsome Fortress because you'll be hovering around no-one's territory anyway. Beastbound assault because there are 5 minions!

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Paths of Prophecy

Plot Card

Championship players rejoice! There is no plot card!

Key Cards

  • Objectives:

    • Devoted Offerings - Easy to score as long as you have the gambits or opportunities to draw cards.

    • Held in a Bloody Fist - Score this by running over a lethal hex and standing on an Objective.

    • A Sign from the Gods - Flexible and likely the easiest end phase scoring in the deck.

  • Gambits:

    • Fair Fortune - Free upgrade! And if you're holding 3 objectives, you get to draw a new card.

    • A Pact Sealed in Blood - More card draw options!

    • Slinking in There - We already love push cards, but getting to push 2 to get on an objective is amazing.

  • Upgrades:

    • Inviolate Prophet - Forcing your opponent to be adjacent or lose accuracy reduces the strength of Range 2+ attack actions and makes your opponent put themselves in more danger to mess with your plans.

    • Nothing Special - Lets beast hold objectives and any fighter count feature tokens as objectives (with a value of 0).

    • Watchful Eye - Letting you adjust the value of an objective is critical for this deck!


Whatever you'd pick for your chosen warband, but avoid Hazard hexes (blocked/cover/lethal/snare) so you have as many places to put tokens as possible.

Play Style

Hold Objectives

What Warband Should I Choose?

Warbands with good movement economy and that want to be on Objectives anyway. Sepulchral Guard, Da Kunnin' Krew, Starblood Stalkers, even Ephilim's Pandemonium

New Player Rating

Bronze. There's a lot to manage and some of the Objectives are at odds with each other

Nemesis Rating

Sliver (minus). There are a handful of useful cards in here, but you'll really need to lean into the Hold playstyle to make it work best.

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