Deck Guide: Velmorn's Visages

 As promised on the podcast, we're posting a deck guide for Velmorn's Visages, Jerod's Sons of Velmorn + Malevolent Masks Nemesis deck.

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Listen to the deck guide here:

Alright. First things first, I made this deck not because I think it's the most competitive but because I'm always looking for ways to play more Sons of Velmorn. I picked the pairing because it really pushes the warband into a flex (aggression + positioning) playstyle, which suits them well. Five relatively sturdy fighters means you usually have the bodies to be in the right place at the right time. The errata to Velmorn means that you start off with the supports for accuracy and defense, which is really nice. Without further ado, let's jump into the deck guide:

Top Objectives

(Reminder, these are the 3 objectives you want to see early in the game.)

  1. Relentless Unity - this card can be scored in your activation, or your opponent's, and helps get the seed glory early to start wearing Mask upgrades. Importantly, it doesn't require a kill!
  2. Feast of Violence - a controversial early choice, but your chances of having 3 fighters alive to do this are better early. It's a dead card if you get offset too hard or long-boarded, for sure. But it doesn't require successful attacks or kills or Glory to put on a Mask like the rest of the Surge objectives in the deck.
  3. Heredity Claims - A great end phase to net some glory for applying Mask upgrades going into turn 2. This also has a really good chance to set you up for the Malevolent Mask Objective token surges (Audacious Aspect and Vision of Success). If you have to choose between scoring Feast of Violence and Hereditary Claims, go for Hereditary Claims almost every time. 

Top Gambits

  1. Deadly Maneouvre - an easy way to get some extra movement out of the Sons of Velmorn. Note that there are no restrictions on where the push ends up. So you can use this to set up supports to inspire or get a fighter into position for Hereditary Claims (or other position-based Objectives).
  2. Redoubled Fervour - critical for landing the attack for Relentless Unity and possibly inspiring!
  3. Shuddering Violence - another opportunity to trigger an inspiration or at least increase the chances of a successful attack. It's best to go second and use this right before your last activation, so the Stagger doesn't matter.

Top Upgrades

  1. Heirloom Weapon - If you've listened to us for any time, you know how much we love +1 Damage.
  2. Envy's Shroud - Again, we love a +1 Wounds card. Taking a Grave Guard from 3 to 4 wounds or Jedran from 5 to 6 can be a big deal.
  3. The Frostbitten Veil - The re-rolls can be critical for pushing the inspiration or landing attacks.


The boards you choose will be largely dependent on your match-up. If you think you'll need to be really aggressive, the Shattered Tower (Starter Set 2023) is a great choice. Otherwise, I like boards with mid-field deployment and open spaces for Objective token placement, like Rimehowl Scouring (Deathgorge). If you think you'll get long-boarded or offset, I like The Stricken Swamp (Gnarlwood).

Play Style

This deck is a true flex (hold + aggressive). Depending on your opponent, you can adjust your play. The goal is to have enough passive scoring to force the opponent to come to you, but as I said on the episode, I think this deck folds hard to an extremely passive opponent.

Playing Against This

Do what you can to keep fighters off of objectives. Barring that, pick off the Grave Guard to remove their pieces from the board.

New Player Rating

This is a solid silver Nemesis deck. The objectives are straight-forward and the gambits and upgrades support what you're trying to do, but the warband itself might fall a little short, particularly in accuracy and damage if you really need to take out your opponent's pieces.