Troll 'Em if You Got 'Em - Mollog's Mob Review

Thank you to Games Workshop for sending us an advance copy of Rivals of the Mirrored City for review!

In this blog, we give our standard Rivals Review of the new Mollog's Mob, released as part of the Rivals of the Mirrored City box.


Mollog's Mob

A four fighter warband, Mollog was the first big boi warband in the game (with fighters like Hrothgorn, Kainan, Blackpowder and others following in his mighty footsteps). He's been re-written for the modern game and now has a complete Rivals deck. Lore-wise, he's a sleepy troll with a band of hangers-on who just wants to be left alone.

Mollog the Mighty

Mollog is a beefy fighter with a good attack profile, but the hallmarks of his card are his Steadfast and Mighty rules, which prevent him from being driven back and mean that he can only ever take 3 damage at a time, respectively.

Bat Squig, Spiteshroom, and Stalagsquig

Mollog's hangers-on are there to help him stay asleep and/or get people out of his cave. They each serve as a utility piece and provide a different means of support. Bat Squig prevents enemies from going on Guard, Spiteshroom can damage fighters adjacent to it, and the Stalagsquig can Stagger fighters.

Key Objectives

  1. Get Got: We want this early because it's your best chances to get off a successful attack while the minions are still alive.
  2. Looming Menace: Another one that's easier to score early, especially if you play Mollog cautiously in the first battle round. The bonus extra glory would be icing on the cake.
  3. Stay Away: It's easier to play goalie early, even though the extra glory is tempting for later rounds.

Key Gambits 

  1. Angry Bellow: Since Mollog can't be driven back, most fighters will end an attack within two hexes, so this gives him the perfect opportunity to swing back.
  2. Terrifying Silhouette: Perfect for setting up a Scything attack or for sending Mollog or a squig into the mix and maintaining the chances of a successful attack.
  3. Unsurprising Fear: This gambit pairs well with our desired early objectives.

Key Upgrades

  1. Grump: For Mollog veterans, this is as close as we get to his rules-breaking original rules. For new players, this lets you make the most of your Mollog activations.
  2. Spark of Sentience: You want this early so you can draw as many cards as can.
  3. The Mighty and the Meek: Removing re-rolls removes a lot of accuracy from enemies and helps deal with their defenses as well.

Play Style

Mollog is a positional aggro warband. The goal is still to take out the enemy fighters, but do it in a way that protects your territory and your Squigs.


You want open deployment options, plus some cover hexes (Stalagsquig in a cover hex is spicy).

Playing Against This

You really have two choices, take down Mollog or work to outscore him.

Nemesis Pairings

We like Voidcursed Thralls (ALL the extra Move actions) or Tooth & Claw (to beef up the squigs).

New Player Rating

Silver. The deck and fighters are cohesive, but there's some nuance around activation order and positioning. On top of that, Mollog isn't invincible, so you can't just throw him into the mix.